Pyjama Set - Premium



BLACK LABEL - 2 Piece Pyjama Set Options Premium Package 
This package is designed to prepare your Designs for manufacturing and sale to the consumer.
For that reason, we follow a careful development process. Some of the services are covered in your initial development fees, some involve additional fees.
2 Piece Pyjama Set - Premium Black Label Package Includes Prototyping Options - 
  • Short or Long Sleeve with inclusions for Collar/ Pocket/ Buttons
  • Elastic or draw String Short/ Long Pants up to 4 Pattern Pieces  
1) Design: 
During this stage, we complete the design per the client’s objectives. All the fabric, components and finishes are sourced during this process. If your design is already well developed, some or all of this process may already be resolved. Timing for this stage will be reflected in your "Project Timeline Estimate" (detailed below).
2) Prototype: 
This stage is the key to the product development process. We thoroughly prototype and test the product through a multi-stage process to ensure that it performs/fits as required. It is important to note that this is the trial and error phase of the project, meaning that it is the time to test ideas both good and bad. Mistakes will be made and learned from and corrected during this phase. Clients may sometimes become discouraged when mistakes come to light, but that is precisely the purpose of the exercise. 
Your product development fee includes 2 rounds of prototyping. The first round will be created by our 3D Digital Pattern Maker which will give you a visual represenation of your design including all components including invisible interlinings. We will create a virtual fit model according to your ideal fit model measuremnts. Once set, the digital fit model will help maintian consistance in fit and sizing. Real time 3D Virtual draping will assure the correct fit for your approval before our sampling team cuts your final approved sample. 
After you have recieved your 3D Digital Prototype we will await your comments and feedback, our team will then make the necessary revisions and then our Sampling team will commence to make your final approved sample. 
If your Prototype requires another round of revision, as often happens, that round will be billed separately according to our hourly rates. Generally, any further revisions are relatively minor. We are happy, however, to continue revising for as long as you like, until your product is perfect.
3) Digital Pattern: 
Once a prototype is finalized and approved in a “sample size”, then we complete the digital patterns for your design. Patterning in a single sample size is included in your product development fee. Additional sizes are graded for a reasonable fee, detailed on our rate sheet.
4) Sample:
Two final samples are included in your product development fee. One sample is for you and one sample is for us to keep on file for our records. Additional samples or additional size will be billed separately at our standard rate of 3x the estimated cost of production. You may request as many samples as you like. We strongly suggest that you sample and test all sizes you plan to sell. We cannot be held responsible for errors in fitting for sizes that have not been tested and approved. 
5) Tech Pack:
Finally, once the above steps are complete, the product is ready for tech packing. During this last stage, we create a set of documents that fully describes your product to the manufacturer. This is a required step. And, because of the critical importance, we now include a tech pack in all our product development packages. Once the tech pack has been completed and is updated according to the latest approved sample, you will receive a copy that you will own and may use however you like. Our own copy is part of our internal documentation and will remain in our possession. 
There are a few items not mentioned above that are subject to additional fees:
A) Fabrics, materials, & components are billed separately in all cases. Our service fees do not include the cost of goods.
B) Tags, labels & packaging are all billed separately.
C) Applied graphics, such as digital prints, screen prints and other types of similar items are billed separately. Those costs will be detailed upon request during the prototyping process.
D) All shipping is billed separately. We typically ship via TNT/FedEx, but you may choose your own shipper upon request. 
E) Customs fees, import taxes and other government taxes & fees
Once product development is complete, we'll be able to generate accurate manufacturing quotes for your product. You may manufacture with us or you may choose to manufacture elsewhere. That decision is totally up to you. Low MOQ will require much higher pricing than high-volume order quantity. As your company grows, we are more than happy to work closely with you to reach your goals for pricing.